CARIB FRUITS: Our History 

Carib Fruits is a fruit transformation company that has existed for 21 years now . In 1997 , we opened one of the first fruit ripening facility / maturation compound in Martinique that supplied professionals and consumers with bananas at a specific /selected maturation stage (for a precise use).

This activity and the ripening process still go on to this day. In addition to that, it has enabled us to develop an expertise in fruits transformation, especially in the evolution of the fruit in time. This knowledge has led to several years of research and diversification which had the objective of creating a new type of fruit snacks. These snacks called PETAL’S are thins layers which combine maturation and drying to have a crunchy and light texture similar to traditional potato chips but with the health benefits of the fruits. They are the result of a unique, and innovative process. Our products (that also include other ranges such as the FRUITS ONLY or the TRUFFLE’S N’ FRUIT which have a different level of maturation/drying) are a healthier/natural alternative to traditional snacking and their puffed texture is surprisingly original.  They also have the additional advantages of being served as aperitifs, culinary ingredients, plate decorations or even in desserts (as crumbles, toppings, in cake bases etc…) Our unique process which is innovative has won the 1st Prize “Grand Innovation Prize”.

All of our products are without additives, coloring, conservative agents or gluten which places them in the heart of the actual consumer trends changes (responsible consumption). In addition, our packaging is intelligent and ecological (the materials can be recycled) which was a must for natural, environmentally conscious products such as ours.  Our geographical position and the favourable climate of the caribbean gives us a priviledged access to very high quality fruit resources which perfectly meets EU standards /regulations (since Martinique is a French territory and in the EU) Our aim is to valorize these tropical fruits (and vegetables) by producing premium products to bring the best out of the Caribbean directly to your customers. The demand for healthy/fruity products is on the rise and our objective is to make our offer available for this increasing demand as said in our slogan « MAKE ME FRUIT »


  •  Unique and innovative process 
  • Exotic product with EU conformity 
  • Original products with various uses 
  • 1st Prize winner of the 2016 « Grand Innovation Prize » 
  • Useful and intelligent packaging 
  • Good conservation (BIUB between 10 to 12 months)